It's been a long journey! A journey spanning 18 long years in earnestly making a qualitative difference to the lives of tens of thousands of children and their aspirational parents.


Slate - The School is a result of Vasireddy Amarnath’s intense soul searching and stirring of the conscience at the crass commercialization and defunct education system, devoid of values and relevance for the present/future.


A thought leader, academician, educationist, columnist, media panelist, child psychologist, behavior analyst, humanist and reformist, he is an amazingly multi-faceted personality.


That Slate has grown in strength year-on-year with the unflinching support of parents stands testimony to his passion and dedication. Over the years, neither has he deviated from what he believed in as the true path of education nor has he diversified into any other activity other than spreading value-based education.


A Slate Perspective